Chris, Dawn, Hollow come back for another great episode of the Gaming Death Podcast. Joining them is Special Guest Kyle Newman (Coach).
Topics for tonight’s show

  • Minecraft mines it’s way on to the X1 and PS4 this august with a $5 upgrade program.
  • Hyrule Warriors new Screens
  • Elder Scrolls Online delayed again
  • Do graphics make the game?
  • Turtle Rock shows 4 new hunters for Evolve
  • First Gameplay Trailer for Arkham Knight
  • Transistor
  • Wolfenstein Impressions
  • Borderlands PS Vita
  • SE Wii U controller for Smash Bros
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  1. Stan Faryna on May 26, 2014

    Most introduction college art classes are more about technique than anything else (concept, creativity, social statement, etc). I had the pleasure of taking a senior level oil painting class which emphasized philosophical concepts. I struggled for lack of technique but I was able to address the assignment requirements and walked away with a B+ or something. Of course, lack of technique translated into putting 10 to 20x more time per assignment than my classmates who were studying art. My self portrait, for example, took 100 hours. My classmates spent an average of 10 hours on their self portraits. The sweetness was that I was one of three that got an A on the assignment as the assignment was about communicating a spiritual truth through the self-portrait. And I nailed that like no one else.

  2. Stan Faryna on May 26, 2014

    It shouldn’t have to be said that good design must include a good look, function, value, play, usability, etc. That goes for games as much as it goes for cars, furniture, houses, assault rifles…

    Choosing a style may be challenging because it has to evoke emotions, capture the imagination, and bring the world and story to life. Executing a style may also be challenging (or impossible) to the artists and graphic designers that you are working with. I know game designers that rock the pirate and fantasy themes but they can’t do realistic, modern combat or futuristic Marvelesque super heroes a la the Fantastic Four in white uniform.

    While I’m a huge fan of the realism in art a la DaVinci, Michaelangelo or Raphael, I also dig Dali, Klimt, etc. I’m even happy having those paintings representing an eclectic mix in the same room. Likewise, I’m not caught up in the either/or of 3D realism or more abstract graphics but I do require the style fits the story and game play and that it (whatever it is) be well executed by the artists and designers.

    • Yomar Lopez on June 9, 2014

      I agree that there is an artistic value to quality presentation but style can come in different forms. I feel that we are well past the point where the slight graphical improvemens really matter. I want substance in games. Realism is nice to think about but I am more anxious to see fresh new concepts, fun gameplay, deeper AI, satisfying co-op experiences, and depth/customization that provides tons of replay value. If it looks pretty, even better but that’s just the icing.
      This E3 has been an endless array of pre-rendered scenes. It’s as if they are trying to sell us on movies instead of games. I feel the indie scene and smaller studious/teams are doing more to revitalize the gaming scene than the big studios.. Instead of annualized releases, how about reviving the franchises and IPs that are being left to rot. The fans have asked for it! Battletoads, anyone?
      Anywho, people were raving about Sony’s presentation tonight and I don’t see what they were looking at. None of the really sexy games were exclusives and they certainly were not first-party releases. Silly wabbits. =o]