The Gaming Death Podcast Episode 39


Witty banter about video games, the weekend and Red Dead

What we been playing:

Chris: Boarderlands 2, COD Black ops 2, Guacamelee,Disgaea 3, Disgaea

Hollow: Skyrim PC/Xbox, Torchlight 2, Atelier Totori,Final Fantasy Thetasychicken, Ninja Gaiden sigma 2, Left4dead2

Kaleb: Demon’s Souls, Persona 4, Super Meat Boy, Heavy Rain, Metroid Prime

Dawn: NADA


Farcry 3 Blood Dragon is real

Rod Ferguson Vp of irrational Games leaves Irrational

Aliens Colonial Marines Canceled for WiiU

Minecraft PC may be getting Horses

Lucas Arts Closed Cancels Starwars 1313, and First Assault

New Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has promised a fundamental review of the publisher.

Skyrim Patch 1.9 adds Legendary Skills and Difficulty

2 New Batman Games announced: Batman Origins and Batman Origins Black Gate

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