Hey guys and welcome to another exciting installment of the Gaming Death Podcast

  • Destiny gets a T rating! Why this is important!
  • Platinum Games making a game based on the legend of Korra!
  • Movie Cast!
  • FTL will not becoming to the VIta because of the size of the screen
  • PS Now beta. Prices are terrible!
  • Shovel Knight
  • What games are we planning to pick up this holiday season?
  • Voicemails and emails
  • Steam and GOG faves/deals?  Recent pickups?
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Rant.
  • Geeky Antics giveaway – join us!

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  1. Yomar Lopez on July 3, 2014

    Picked up Shovel Knight thanks to your avid recommendations, Chris.. Love what I’m seeing so far. If you dig this, you may wanna check out Valdis: Abyssal City. Pretty dope broham! Reminds me a bit of Sword of Mana, if I recall correctly.
    Our movie talk was OP, BTW. You remind of a babe? What babe? <3 Bowie
    The final hours of the Game Dev Tycoon giveaway are upon us – http://geekyantics.net/giveaways for all our active giveaways! =oD

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    tnx for info!

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    tnx for info.