Sega announced earlier today that they will be getting back into the console ring, to go toe to toe with the likes of the Xbox One, and PS4. The Sega Dream was co-developed by Nintendo and will be hitting store shelves later this summer. While no concrete price was given at the time of this writing, word on the street says the system will cost around $401.

The Sega Dream will boast a modified Titan A.E graphics card, allowing for beautiful 1081 HD graphics. As well as a processor built for use in NASA space shuttles. The system features an HDMI, and Coaxial out ports, as well as a component in port. Allowing for every TV owner to use the system directly out of the box.

“We aren’t trying to sell Televisions to people. We just want to be able for every gamer young and old to enjoy the latest technology developed by Segtendo” said Sega President of Korea Eumsog Ui.

Aside from the system Sega announced a multitude of games that will be launching alongside the Dream; such as a reboot of the Alex the Kid franchise, and the recently announced Sonic Boom. Though the biggest surprise game announced was hands down the last thing shown at the announcement conference. Which was a proper sequel to one of the best Sega games of all time Rocket Knight Adventures.

While it seems like the Sega Dream may only be a few months away, Sega has definitely blown this Gamer away. What do you guys think of the Sega Dream? Remember to stay tuned to Gaming as more news about this Dream are announced.

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