When Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was first announced, many gamers were wondering if this game would break the dry spell Capcom has been having. After playing the game for a little more then 3 hours, we have to admit that this game is quite good. Operation Raccoon City (ORC) is a third person team based shooter, that focus more on the way it plays then anything else. The single player is the same campaign as the co-op. Where either solo or with up to 3 friends battling your way across familiar locations of Raccoon city.  The story isn’t very intriguing or deep. You are one of a handful of bland and boring characters from Umbrella who are tasked with destroying all evidence of Umbrella’s involvement in the events behind Resident Evil one and two.

The game play so far has been the saving grace of this game. Shooting feels natural tho the aiming does take some getting used to. The movement is smooth and the character models look amazing. We’ve played thru the first 4 of 6 stages that game has to offer. It’s seems to be a short game but the multiplayer has been where we have spent most of our time playing this game. Besides for the co-op ORC offer 4 competitive multiplayer modes. Heroes mode is like a 4on4 team death match, that puts the player into the shoes of some of Resident Evil’s most memorable characters. Biohazard mode is ORC’s version of capture the flag. Rather then trying to capture flags, players attempt to retrieve samples of the G-Virus. Survivors reminds me of Left for Dead’s multiplayer added with a horde mode. Player’s try to survive as AI enemies as well as other players try to take them down. The final mode ORC has for the multiplayer shooter fan is Team Attack. This is just straight up team death match. Players on one team try to take out the other team, and the team with the most kills wins. 

So far we have enjoyed our time with Operation Raccoon City. But only time will tell if the game keeps it luster, or if we a re only in our honey-moon period with this game. Make sure to check back soon for our review

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