With many games getting reboots and sequels these day, many games we never thought would get rebooted are. Bionic Commando, Sonic, and Duke Nukem just to name a few. But where are those game we loved and haven’t seen in years?


Legend of Dragoon
Original Release Date: June 11, 2000
Original P
latform: PlayStation 1




If you don’t remember this game, this was Sony’s attempt to capitalize on the popularity of RPGs that Final Fantasy 7 had created. The difference between Dragoon and most RPGs was combat incorporated a quick time aspect that allowed you to add damage to your attacks. The story was pretty par for the course for JRPGS of that day. Dart (the main character) had a mysterious past in which his family was killed by some unknown evil. He comes to age and sets out on a long journey to rid the world of this “dark entity”. He picks up the stereotypical party members along the way. The female love interest  healer, the wise old monk, the big hulking bruiser and the like. It all culminates in a tremendous battle that leaves you in awe.

So why do we want a remake? The story was very good. The twist and turns keep you guessing. Yes the main story was the typical story but the twist and turns were not your typical story elements seen in JRPGs. The other reason Legend of Dragoon needs a remake is the game play itself. The quick time combat was something you hadn’t seen in a game before. if you have never played Legend of Dragoon you should. Then you will see why this game definitely needs a remake.


Pokemon Snap
Original Release Date: June 3
0, 1999
Original Platform: Nintendo 64



Pokemon has been one of Nintendo’s biggest franchise for years. When a Pokemon game was announced for the N64 fans were extremely excited. No one could have imagined that the game would be Pokemon Snap. Snap had you not armed with Pokeballs but with a camera, roaming different parts of the land trying to snap pictures of different Pokemon. Along the course of the game you got different items that would cause certain Pokemon to react differently. Throw bait to cause shy Pokemon to appear. Hit Pokemon with Pokeballs to make them evolve. It all added up to a game where your graded by the quality of pictures you took and the type of Pokemon that were in those pictures.

So why do we want a sequel? Pokemon Snap is one of the most beloved Pokemon games ever released. Many other Pokemon games have had sequels, but Pokemon Snap has not. The game play would work great with the WiiU’s controller, and the graphics would be breath taking. Tho the game may show it’s age a revamped sequel could be just what the WiiU needs as a launch title to make it a blockbuster. Again this is another game you should get your hands on if you haven’t.


Original Release Date: November 18, 2003
Original Platform: Windows a
nd Playstation 2




A first person shooter with an interesting art style. XIII was actually a really good game that was only hindered by it’s ending. The premise of XIII was that you had woken up on a beach with no memory, yet some one was trying to kill you. You don’t know how you know how to use weapons or where you learned fisticuffs. All you know is you want to survive and figure out what is going on. After a fairly short game, filled with conspiracies and twist. The game culminates in a rather non spectacular way. Leaving you the gamer with more questions then you had to start.

Why do we want a remake or a sequel? XIII was developed by Ubisoft and has had the time to breath and appreciate. The comic book like art style would look amazing on modern consoles. The big draw for a remake/sequel for XIII is the story. At the end of the game the player has no idea what the hell is going on. It leaves you wanting more. Let us all hope that Ubisoft goes back to this title later.


With games such as Xcom, Syndicate, Bionic Commando being redone for the modern age. Many gamers would like to see their favorite games remade. Whether this would be a blessing or a curse remains to be seen. Many of us want to recapture that feeling we had when we first played that monumental game that brought us into the gaming world. Only time will tell if developers will continue to go back and harvest old idea for a new generation.

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