Okay guys so there still hasn’t been any new post on the site in awhile. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Many of you may not know that we have a weekly podcast. (Which you can find on Itunes here or on Stitcher here )

Going forward we will be a purely audio and visual website. So be prepared to see more videos and more podcast being posted on the site. Aside from the Thursday night GamingDeath Podcast, you will start to see more audio reviews, more video review, more live streams, and maybe a news show for Youtube.

With all these changes don’t be alarmed if you see the website get a face lift. With all  the new content a new layout and new posting structure is a must.

We are gaming death, we are the revolution!


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When not writing about games I am playing them, talking about them or reading about them. Aside from videogames my time is spent with my beautiful fiance, my family &/or my friends. My other hobbies include Magic the Gathering, cooking, DC comics, movies, podcasts, and reading fiction novels.