Hey guys, Chris here to give you a little update on what’s been going on with Gaming Death.com and what you guys can expect in the future from the website.

First off you may have noticed a lack of articles in the recent months. The reason behind this is real life has really gotten in the way of us keeping the website updated. See Gaming Death is a side project for everyone involved in it. It’s not a revenue source for any of us, and as such it has to take a back burner to our jobs and life. That’s exactly what’s happened these past months.

I’ve taken on another job aside from my 9-5. This leaves me little time to do much of anything outside of the occasional video game, and tv show watching. Even when I do I have the time I usually don’t have the energy to write much. Things are changing tho and I guarantee that new articles by me will be coming in the not too distant future.

Kaleb has gotten a new job, and  thrown himself head first into his newest business endeavor. This leaves him no time to do much of anything aside from sleep and eat. Even his time spent with games has diminished in these past few months. Whether he comes back to writing for the site or not is still up in the air, but there is one thing you can count on and that’s hearing him each week on our podcast.

Dawn has had to take more responsibilities on at work.  This, on top of her medical condition has caused her to really lose the drive to write or create much of anything. Things are slowly changing and you can look forward to seeing new twitch artwork from her coming in the near future.

Hollow Blade never wrote for the site and his time is spent being Hollow. As such, you may see some new videos from him but as of this writing  I have taken over managing the YouTube channel. You will always hear Hollow Blade on the podcast each week.

I honestly haven’t heard from Max in a few months, aside from the occasional Facebook comment. Last I heard from him in a professional manner he was dealing with some personal shit and didn’t have much time for writing. As the site comes back to the standards we put forth, and he works thru his shit we may see more from Max in the future.

That’s what has been up with us, but it’s not all bad we have the future to look forward to.

In the coming months you can expect to see more articles coming down the pipe. Due to the fact that we pride ourselves on tackling the issues that affect us as gamers our articles take longer than the regurgitated press release shoved down your throats by many of the game outlets. Aside from our regular opinion pieces you can expect to see more reviews and news but with a twist.  This includes our opinions written directly into the news story, and an extremely biased look at game reviews.

The site itself may be getting a facelift. What I would really like to do is have it more like the gaming magazines of the mid 90s, rather than the generic game website we currently have. I would really like to recapture the feeling I used to get when a new PSM, Nintendo Power or Gamepro would arrive in the mail when I was a kid.  With that said don’t expect that change to come until next year.

Currently you can still listen to the podcast and watch our videos on YouTube. We have kept the podcast going even when the articles dried up. So if you miss your dose of Gaming Death and aren’t subscribed to our podcast get on that.

In closing I want to thank you. We’ve been lacking lately in the content department but all that is about to change. Don’t expect these changes to occur overnight but I promise you they will happen. So stay tuned to Gaming Death.com

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