It’s October and on the 25th we will be holding our 2nd annual live stream. This year we are playing for Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. We do this each year to help those children who are less fortunate. As a group, gamers come together for ExtraLife and do our part to give back to the community we live in. All the donations that are received go directly to the hospital we are supporting, no hidden fees, no one lining their own pockets with a cut of the donations. ExtraLife is a great charity for a great cause.

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During our 24 live stream Chris will be playing exclusively PS4 games and broadcasting on our twitch channel. Starting at 9am EDT on Saturday October 25th til 9am Sunday October 26th it will be all games all the time. Once the live stream begins you can donate $10 to dictate what game Chris will play next for the next hour. This is in addition to the guaranteed first time playing of Alien Isolation beginning at 9pm. The list of games you have to choose from are as follows:

-MGS V: Ground Zeroes
-Dead Nation
-Stick it to the Man
-Child of Light
-Infamous 2nd Son
-Mercenary Kings
-Killzone: Shadow Fall
-Road Not Taken
-Shadow of Mordor
-Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
-Dust an Elysian Tale*
-The Evil Within
-Alien Isolation* (Can not choose til after 9pm)
*Denotes games never played

ExtraLife 2014 is guaranteed to be a great time. If you want to help us reach our $100 goal you can donate here. If we reach our goal by October 25 The Legend of Korra and Wolfenstein will be added to the the list of available games for you to choose.

Please help us reach our goal, and help sick and injured children. Thank you from all of us here at GamingDeath.


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