Fantasy is nothing new to videogames. For years gamers have been fighting dragons, earning gold and doing quest. Capcom hopes to change the way we all play these games with Dragon’s Dogma. Set to be released on May 22, Dragon’s Dogma will put you in the role of your own customizable hero whose every decision and action will be controlled by you the player. It adds a new exciting element to the genre with it’s Revolutionary Pawn system. Which will change the way your 3 AI controlled party members will act depending on  the  player’s action and decisions in the game. By using both Xbox live or the PSN player’s will be able to go to the Rift. Here players can share their Pawns with their friends, earn treasure, as well as learn about the world of Dragon’s Dogma.

With a promise to add more depth then ever before seen in the action genre, with everything from the length of your character’s legs to the material your armor is made of will change the way combat plays out. With enemies ranging from dragons to goblins and even griffons, Capcom promises each enemy will require different tactics as well as be a unique experience in themselves.

Dragon’s Dogma promises to be a unique experience, with depth never before seen in the action genre. With a story that is unprecedented in scope, style, and substance. This game looks great and has many of us here at Gaming Death waiting for May 22 so we can finally get our hands on a copy. Dragon’s Dogma does not look like a game you will want to miss.


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