Last year gamers far and wide were treated to one of the biggest holiday season in recent memory. With such big titles as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, Dark Souls, Gears of War 3, Portal 2, plus many many more. Can 2012 live up to the excitement that 2011 brought us? Well it sure as hell is going to try. We have already seen some big releases this year Mass Effect 3, SSX, and Twisted Metal, have already been released. Lets see what other games 2012 has in store for us.

Diablo 3
Release date: May 15,2012
Platform: PC

The Highly anticipated sequel to Diablo 2. This Hack and Slash, Dungeon Crawling loot fest has been in development for close to 11 years. This is one game many of us are extremely excited for. Introducing 3 new classes; The Monk which is a melee fighter, combining the elements of the Paladin and Assassin from Diablo 2. The Witch Doctor is kind of like the Diablo 2’s Necromancer. With new abilities, and a new look. Finally The Demon Hunter who combines the Assassin class and Amazon class from Diablo 2. Using a crossbow as their main weapon, the Demon Hunter seems like the new ranged class. Diablo 3 also introduces a revamped auction house. In the new auction house players can sell their items for regular in-game currency as well as real money.

Why are we excited? Diablo 2 is one of the most popular PC games of all times. With Blizzards sparkling track record when it comes to PC games, it stands without question Diablo 3 will blow off the socks of any fan of the series. The only question we have now is “When can we play it?”

Resident Evil 6
Release Date: November 20,2012
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC

Capcom hasn’t had the best track record as of late. But with the announcement of Resident Evil 6, they had the entire gaming community talking. Taking place in 2013 Resident Evil 6 will follow 3 main characters. Leon S Kennedy whom fans may remember as one of the main characters of Resident Evil 2, as well as the main character of Resident Evil 4. Another familiar face returning in 6 is ex-S.T.A.R.S, and current BSAA agent Chris Redfield. The 3rd character that players will be taking control of is an unknown “mercenary”. The game will take place both in the familiar setting of the suburban city, as well as a new location China.

Why are we excited? From what was shown in the trailer so far, it seems that Resident Evil 6’s characters will each play their own way. Chris’s sections seem like they will play more like Resident Evil 5. Leon’s the traditional survival horror, that fans have come to expect from the Resident Evil Franchise. The Mercenary’s seem more akin to the chase sequences from Resident Evil 3. So far the game seems to be shaping up nicely. Only time will tell, if Resident Evil 6 will be the game fans have been waiting for. Make sure to check out the demo on PSN on September 5th, or on Xbox 360 60 days sooner with the purchase of Dragon’s Dogma.

Assassin’s Creed III
Release Date: October 30, 2012
Platforms: PS3, 360, PC, WiiU

After playing thru Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed Revelations, many gamers were ready to move on from the Assassin Creed franchise. But after a few screens were leaked, and a trailer released,, it seemed gamers were ready to visit Desmond one more time with Assassin’s Creed 3. Taking place in 1777 during the birth of America. Players will assume the role of Connor who fought during the American Revolution. Players will traverse the Frontier a large wooded countryside 1.5 times larger then Rome in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. This new setting will make some of the mechanics quite different from previous entries. Players will be climbing up trees and taking down Redcoats, rather then climbing buildings and taking down Templars.

Why are we so excited? The team that developed both Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2 is the team behind Assassin’s Creed 3. With the first 2 being the best in the series, it’s only logical to assume that 3 will be just as good. Plus the fact of running around a revolutionary America has most of us jazzed. Climbing trees, fighting along side famous figures of the Revolution, killing Redcoats, and seeing the conclusion of Desmond’s story are all reasons that this game is gonna be big. We here hope that we see more of this game sooner than later.

Bioshock Infinite
Release Date: October 16,2012
Platforms: PC, PS3, 360

This is gonna be one of the greats coming this year. Bioshock Infinite is the follow up game to Bioshock 2 developed by Irrational Games, and designed by the legendary Ken Levine. While not directly connected to the first 2 Bioshock games. Infinite takes many of the concepts and elements introduced in the first 2 games and adds them to an all new setting. Taking place on the floating Utopia of Columbia. Players will take control of Booker Dewitt to seek out a mysterious girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth has a jailer/pet named Songbird. This giant mechanical creature seems to be replacing the Big Daddies of the previous games.

Why are we so excited? Any prospect to capture the feeling we got when we first played Bioshock and saw Rapture for the first time is one we are excited for. Seeing what Irrational will do with a steampunk 1912 setting also has us ready to play this game. Jumping back into the world of Bioshock, and seeing exactly what Ken Levine has in store is reason enough not to miss this game this holiday season.

The Last of Us
Release Date: Q3 2012
Platforms: PS3

A post-apocalyptic world brought to you by the team that gave us both the Jak and Daxter series as well as Uncharted. The last of us followers 2 survivors as they make their way from Pittsburgh, PA to other cities and locations not yet announced. The game will be a survival horror game that focuses on surviving an onslaught of people that have been infected by a mysterious spore. This spore has turned them into what appear to be zombie like creatures. Aside for the spore zombies, the player will also have to deal with conflicts with other survivors as well. When The Last of US was announced during the 2011 VGAs many gamers were excited to see what Naughty Dog was gonna do with this new genre Naughty Dog had yet explored.

Why are we excited? The thought of having Naughty Dog develop a survival-horror game that plays, looks, and feels as good as the Uncharted series has a lot of us giddy with excitement. Whether the climbing mechanic and giant set pieces Naughty Dog has been known for are back, remains to be seen. All we know is we hope that this game gets in our hands A.S.A.P.

With so many big games coming out this year. It’s easy to see why so many gamers are extremely excited for the rest of this year. Aside from the games mentioned above don’t forget there are other big games coming down the pipe for us to get our grubby hands on. Boarderlands 2, Star Craft 2: Heart of the Swarm, and World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria just to name a few. What are the games you looking forward to in 2012. Sign off in the comments.

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