Assassin’s Creed III will blow your mind! This past weekend we got to see some awesome gameplay footage from Ubisoft’s upcoming game. While still a work in progress it looked amazing, this footage blew our minds. Centering on the new 1/2 Native American 1/2 British protagonist Connor, it shows all the new mechanics that AC3 will bring to the table.

The video starts off as Connor is walking up to a battle between the Americans and the British. As he approaches the American camp we can hear a general giving a speech to his soldiers. It’s at this point in the footage that we are told that the hidden blade that fans had thought may be absent from the third game is in fact there at Connor’s disposal. As it continues we got the first glimpse of how many enemies are really gonna be on screen at one time. In the background we see a ton of British soldiers in firing lines. The scene is quiet impressive as musket shots are heard and puffs of gun smoke rise into the area clouding the tops of trees. Assassin’s Creed III will boast an impressive 2,500 characters on screen at a time. Which is more then any other AC game has had.

Connor’s mission in this scenario is to go kill one of the generals of the British forces. This doesn’t mean that the Templars have agents on only one side of the war. We’re told Templar agents have infiltrated both the British and the American forces. As Connor leaves the American encampment the game splits. New to the Assassin’s Creed franchise is the ability to either choose a path that will lead to a more action packed resolution or a more stealthy path. For this instance Connor chooses the stealthy path and we get to see the new movement animations in action. All of Connor’s movements as well as the NPC character’s movements look natural. When facing an obstacle the player now has the choice to either climb over the obstacle or go under it. These new animations are visually awe-inspiring. Connor moves fluidly as he bounds over downed trees and ducks under low branches. These reactive animations are beautiful. With more trees then buildings around to climb, AC3 offers a new more organic climbing mechanic. Climbing trees is spot on to real life. Shimming around trunks to reach other branches and climbing up looks right at home in Assassin’s Creed. The other cool mechanic tree climbing adds to the game is the ability to navigate using branches over head monkey bar style.  Foliage isn’t the only thing this new organic climbing effects, climbing up mountains is no longer a set rigid path. Players can choose their own path as they make their way up. The developers also did a really beautiful job of making the trees and rock faces look natural so it doesn’t look like a forest full of the same items cut and paste over and over.

Connor spots some enemies up ahead and quickly climbs up a tree to get the drop on them. Here we get to see the new Rope Dart weapon. Which impales one of the British soldiers below and hangs him in the tree. Connor drops below to handle the remaining soldiers with hand to hand combat. The cool thing that the game does is as Connor moves farther away from the enemy, the enemy will actually form up and make a firing line to increase their chances of hitting the player. We get to see this in action, but the line is soon broken as Connor closes in. Connor specializes in dual wielding. We got to see this as he quickly dispatched the remaining soldiers with dual tomahawks.

Jump ahead  bit and we finally get to see the stealth in action. As Connor closes in on his mark he reaches a British army camp. We see the new stalking zones. These areas are places that Connor can hide in the environment (in this instance some underbrush) where as long as you move slowly the enemy cannot detect you. While in the stalking zone Connor lines up his target as he makes his final push into the British camp. As Connor moves out of the brush we again see the fluid animation. Movement is a big part of AC3 and as Connor makes his first stealth kill, his forward momentum is continued as he goes into the next one. Connor finally reaches his target and assassinates him. The demo ends as Connor lays down the British General and we are all left wanting more.

October 30 2012 can’t come fast enough. With everything we have seen Assassin’s Creed III may very well be the best game in the series. The new animations and visuals look amazing. The combat is more fluid and everything just looks a whole lot more natural and organic. The setting itself seems to be a big focal point of AC3 for fans. If you haven’t already pre-ordered this game, go do it.

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