Who We Are:

Gaming Death was founded with one purpose in mind: to get to the heart of the gaming community and raise the topics that gamers want to talk about, to be able to say and discuss things the big news sites won’t always say or discuss. We tried the whole writing thing and that didn’t work very well. So  we’ve moved to a purely Podcast driven way of  engaging gamers on subjects we feel are pertinent, relevant, and most of all, interesting. You may notice we don’t talk about straight news, and that’s because we’re a small team who doesn’t want to spend all our time regurgitating press releases. We stick to reviews and editorial pieces because that’s what we want to engage people in and that’s where we can really raise crucial discussions and questions about both the gaming community and industry at large.

In short, we podcast because we want to build a better gaming journalism world from the feet up, and we know you all would like to see one that holds the average gamer in mind, not the almighty dollar. That’s why we explore the subjects and topics the big sites won’t, unshackled by the sponsors and industry heads that many of them are. We are Gaming Death, and we are the revolution.

Come join us on this magic carpet ride of rambunctiousness, liberation, and the occasional bag of dicks.


Gaming Death was founded in March 2012 by Christopher Gannon II, based around his own dream of being able to share his opinions and love of video games with the gaming community. Gaming Death is that dream brought to fruition.

Knowing he would not be able to maintain the site on his own, Chris enlisted the help of his fiancé Dawn Bernard, and together the two shared their passion of games with whoever would listen. With these two pillars of the site in place, they were eventually joined by three other members: Chris Desmoulins (Hollow Blade), the resident weeaboo with a tenacity for rants that would make Lewis Black blush who has since left the gaming death family; Max Keogh, the friendliest British man of all time, who knows more about pop culture than most people know about anything sadly Max left the Gaming Death family; and Kaleb Medel, the Mexican Word Wizard who’ll say or do anything for a laugh. As the site has grown it has spawned not only articles, but also a podcast and video content (when Hollow gets around to it), and all of us have continued to work towards making sure that only the best content continues to be added to the site each week.