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With Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s new Zelda spin-off Hyrule Warriors set to be released on August 14 in Japan, it’s only normal that a huge Zelda (and Dynasty Warriors) fan such as myself would start to imagine what characters I would like to be playable. We already know that both Link and Impa will be playable characters, but seeing as this is a mashup of both Zelda and the Samurai Warriors franchises, it stands to reason that there will be multiple playable characters featured in the game. While the number of playable characters will most likely not feature the staggering 100+ roster of the Dynasty Warriors titles, there are still plenty of main and secondary characters from the Zelda series that could be featured in the game.

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1. Sheik


First appearing in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, Sheik is the alter ego that Princess Zelda assumes when Ganondorf takes over the land of Hyrule. Her trademark move is using deku nuts to disappear in a flash of light, which goes along with the standard appearance and cadence of a ninja that she is known for. This may be what has led to a such huge fan following of a character that has only appeared in one game of the series, as Sheik’s popularity has even led to her making appearances in other nintendo series’ like Super Smash Bros.


Her appearance as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors is still unknown, but the chances are likely. Her ninja-like skills and abilities would make for a dramatically different playstyle than both Impa or Link. This would lend itself to the diversity in characters and styles the Warriors franchise is known for.

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2. Skull Kid


Skull Kid first made his debut in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While normally Skull Kid is a happy-go-lucky Kokiri spirit inhabiting the lost woods, he did at one point get corrupted in Majora’s Mask, thanks to the mask itself This Mask granted Skull Kid amazing powers, but also heavily distorted his mind and lead directly to the events of (and Link’s involvement in) Majora’s Mask.


Even though Skull Kid loses the abilities granted to him by the mask at the end of Majora’s Mask, it would still be possible to have him included in Hyrule Warriors. Since Hyrule Warriors is a spin-off, it almost certainly will not tie into the official Zelda timeline and can thus pull from any and all characters. His unusual powers could make him the perfect addition to Hyrule Warriors.

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3. Darunia


Leader of the Gorons in Ocarina of Time, Darunia is a powerful ally of Link. It was at Death Mountain that Link first encountered Darunia and agreed to help destroy the evil lurking inside the caves there. Later, after Link retrieves the Master Sword, it’s revealed when he returns to the Goron village that Darunia is in fact one of the seven sages needed to imprison Ganon.


Having next to no slow, powerful characters in the Zelda mythos, it stands to reason that at least one Goron will make an appearance. Darunia is the best candidate, seeing as Hyrule Warriors seems inspired by Ocarina of Time (many of the trailers and screenshots of Hyrule Warriors show what looks like the Hyrule Field from Ocarina, and I’m guessing that Death Mountain still looms to the west). While it’s possible Darunia could be replaced by just any old Goron, the pattern seen in previous Warriors games seems to imply that they like to use named characters rather than generic ones.
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4. Fierce Deity Link


One of the most badass incarnations of Link to date. Fierce Deity Link appears only in Majora’s Mask, and only if the player collects every other mask in the game. Exactly what the Fierce Deity is and what its’ true intentions are remain fan speculation, but what we do know is that the Mask is inhabited by a being much like Majora. We also know the mask was attempting to corrupt Link in a similar way, but that he was able to control himself enough to remove the mask after his battle with Skull Kid.


The fact that Fierce Deity Link is so different from regular Link makes it quite plausible that this version of Link will make an appearance. Fierce Deity Link is unable to use a shield, but this is supplemented by a super powerful double-helix blade which can shoot out powerful magic lasers. This may just be my personal superfan wish to see Fierce Deity Link in all his HD glory, but he would still make an amazing addition to the roster.
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5. Ganon/Ganondorf


Ganon has been the main antagonist in almost every entry in the Zelda franchise. While sometimes portrayed as a giant pig monster and other times as a more human-looking man, Ganon is the all-powerful evil that is constantly threatening to blanket Hyrule in Darkness. While I doubt he would take the form of the pig monster, as a playable character, his human form is almost a certainty.
The Warrior games usually allow the story to be told from the angle of multiple factions. It’s only natural that Hyrule Warriors will therefore allow the player to see the story from Ganon’s point-of-view. This would not only open the door to have Ganon as a playable character, but also the rest of the cast that is Link’s Rogues’ Gallery. If for some reason this is omitted, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it would be a major disappointment.

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